Drafting and Building Designers in Melbourne

Dwelling on Design is a building design and drafting company in Melbourne that has over 25 years of experience on many levels within the construction industry.
Here at Dwelling on Design, we understand that at times, the design and documentation process can be complicated and stressful so with the help of our professional staff and their expertise, our draftsmen are able to assist you with everything when it comes to architectural drafting & documentation.

Being members of the BDAV and registered as a building practitioner with the Building Practitioner Board, Dwelling on Design are up-to-date with all the changing regulations and BCA requirements, giving you peace of mind that your project will comply to relevant BCA codes on all levels.

How can Dwelling On Design Help you?

Many of our clients have been referred or recommended to Dwelling on Design through the various projects the company has completed. Clients are able to make inquiries over the phone, online through the website and other social medias.
The design manager is able to conduct a specialized consultation with the client once they have made an inquiry and want to proceed with the initial stage of the design documentation process.

Ideas, concepts & budgets are discussed between the client and the design manager who then creates conceptual designs that transform something that once was a vision, into reality. All designs are developed by our professional staff,following specific guidelines, checklists and requirements necessary.

At Dwelling on Design, once the documentation process is complete, clients are invited down to our board room where a 3D visualization walk through is formally presented, screening a realistic perspective of the house as though the designs were put in place.
Here the clients are able to really visualization and have a feel of what their place will be like with the new additions.

As the process in commencing the building of your new or existing properly can be quite lengthy, Dwelling on Design can offer services to facilitate and assist in the application process. Dwelling On Design can advise on design constraints,council requirements, town planning guidelines, building regulations and what will be suitable for your site before proceeding with an application. We can handle your application on your behalf through the relevant council, and liaise with town planners, surveyors, engineers and other consultants as required. We can organize all permits required to assist with gaining permission to build your new dream. We can ensure prompt building permits through the use of our private building surveyor, draftsman and engineers.

Regardless of the scale of the project, Dwelling on Design can offer services to redevelop your new or existing home. A number of building designs have been completed including

  • New homes
  • Extensions
  • Apartments
  • Unit Developments

During the initial consultations between the design manager and the client, a theme or type of housing design is noted from the start. Throughout the process of documentation,
appliances that are required within the house are documented in order for spaces to accurately fit them accordingly.Dwelling on Design are able to provide interior design throughout the house.

Click on our gallery page to view some of our current and past works at Dwelling on Design.


Construction Documentation 90
Town Planning Applications 95
Specialised Consultation 85
Design Development 86


Home Owners AssociationDeveloper
There are no on site surprises when using dwelling on design. Their drawings are always accurate and concise.
Jessica PristonHome Owner
Thank you Dwelling team… our home is exactly how we imagined…
Rick SmithsonBuilder
Thank-you Jon. The 3d Presentation brought the drawings to life. We are looking forward to the next stage…
Gurav KapurDeveloper
You guys are absolute legends! Very happy with your prompt email responses and your efficiency and ultimately your end result.