Dwelling on Design is a building design and drafting company that can assist you throughout the start and finish process in designing your place. Whether you want to design a new home, develop units, construct apartments or simply want to extend your existing home, dwelling on design can bring clients ideas into reality through design and documentation. Apart from designing your further dwelling, our company can assist in the town planning process, and prepare the appropriate paperwork ready for council, on the given requirements. Dwelling on Design is accountable from concept to completion
Clients choose Dwelling on Design to look after their housing designs because they trust that we can promise and deliver quality designs and services that meet design and building regulations. Our high levels of customer satisfaction reflect that we are an accredited building design and drafting company, with a number of client testimonials, recommendations and returning customers.
Dwelling on Design is a Melbourne based company, completing jobs right across Melbourne, Victoria, and throughout Australia .
Clients can begin the process by calling or emailing our office today to chat to our design manager to discuss your vision. We are able to correspond via email then a formal quotation can be sent to the client based on their enquiry.
Yes, we are able to provide these consultations. A consultation can be arranged during the preliminary sages to put forward a design ddirection. When the working drawings are almost completed, At our design office we have a materials room filled with a range of interior oopens for clients to browse through and come up with their final selections.
Dwelling on Design offer services to assist clients through the standard procedures as the process of designing and building can be quite stressful for clients. When designing and building a given project, the main stages involve design development, town planning, and working drawings.
A formal quotation is presented to the client which outlines the stages and costs to go ahead with the process. Payments are required before each stage commences. Housing designs can vary in price, depending on the size of the dwelling, and on clients’ budgets.