Eight Popular Styles of Homes by Building Designers

//Eight Popular Styles of Homes by Building Designers

Eight Popular Styles of Homes by Building Designers

If you are looking to build a new home, but don’t have any idea where to start, there any many styles of houses for you to consider. Whether you want something traditional, modern, or completely unique, there are styles of homes available that you could research for hours on end. But thankfully, we have a list of some of the most popular styles of homes for you to consider right here.


A formal style of home, colonial architecture originated in the 17th century. There have been many variations of this style of home over the years because of all the types of settlers from Europe. Known for being highly symmetrical, Colonial homes are often characterized by windows that are evenly spaced, with columns and chimneys that are evenly proportioned.


These homes are beautiful in their own way. Usually complemented with beautiful landscaping and multicolored tiled driveways, this style of home grew very popular in the early 1900s. This is a Hispanic-style home with red roofs, arches that connect to your driveway, and plaster surfaces. With a balcony on the second floor, you have an amazing and festive home that all your neighbors will gawk at.

Log Home

Firstly, made as small cabins also from the 17th century, they were originally built without any nails. Today, however, log homes serve as cozy and luxurious getaways. While houses made of wood can be built in any setting, they are often found in the countryside. When picking out a type of wood, however, consider types of wood with building designers Melbourne that would be best suitable for your climate.

French Provincial

This is a charming style of home inside as it is outside. Inspired by homes and manors from French country sides, the French provincial style has made its way into homes from all over the world since World War I, thanks to its classical appeal and charm. Today’s French provincial homes have symmetrical proportions and steep roofs. These homes are formal, like Colonial homes, but offer a more regal, European variety.


With the first home built in the 1930s, the ranch house was first modeled after rural ranches. Ranch architecture closely resembles that of modern style homes with its open floor plans and lenient connections to the outdoor environment. Most ranch homes have attached garages to add to the practicality of the home. Ranch floors are often either made with just one floor or a split-level floor home.


Hailing from England, the Tudor style home is one of the most recognizable. They have multi-gabled and steep-pitched roofs and half-timber that really looks gorgeous on the home. These are very popular in part to not only looking beautiful, but also having steep enough roofs to roll away precipitation, such as rain or snow. If you are interested in a Tudor home, your building designers Melbourne will know how to make it for you.


People often tend to get contemporary mixed up with modern, especially when it comes to houses. Contemporary, however, often refers to the building styles of today, which can vary by appearance and design aesthetics. Contemporary homes have a blatant connection to the outdoors, and rely heavily on sustainable materials, energy efficiency, and natural sunlight for clean and healthy living.


Modern architecture is used to an art style inspired by modernism, a historical art movement. The most vintage examples of modern architecture are older than 5 decades, which can help you differentiate modern homes from contemporary homes. Modern homes also feature living spaces that are open, geometric lines that are clean, and materials that focus on function rather than form.

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